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Whether its theft, burglary, or robbery, these cases require certain characteristics the state must prove in order to charge you. For example, for the state to prove theft, they need to see that you stole intentionally and passed all points of sale, basically walking out of the store with stolen merchandise. Although a lot of times I’ve seen people accidentally put glasses on their head and forget they were wearing them, thus not being an intentional theft.adff

There are three common types of medical malpractice lawsuits – failure to make the correct diagnosis, birth injuries and medication errors. In this blog, we discuss these medical errors in order to help you determine whether you have suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence.

The most common mistake people make when charged with this offense is the belief that your Blood Alcohol Content is above the legal limit. What many fail to understand is the same charge applies to being under the influence on drugs. In addition there are a lot of tests that are done to determine whether you are under the influence which I believe are unfair and unethical.

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